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soar above your fears

19x28 inch oil on acp (aluminum composite panel) / available, inquiries

soar above your fears

Fear—we all experience it, suffer from it, are paralyzed by it. There are those that claim to be fearless, but maybe the perception of being fearless is a misnomer. When you experience fear, but persist, you still tremble inside—your fear has not vanished. It’s simply been acknowledged, accepted, and kept inward.


If you do not consider yourself to be fearless, stop believing the definition means to be void of fear. Instead, look upon your fears with admiration. Embrace them. Love them for what they are. Do not let your mind defeat you.


Instead, catch the wind in your wings and soar above your fears, if you can see them, you can defeat them.


© 2017 Christine Mercer-Vernon



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