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insomnia: a maniacal madness

28x17.25 inch oil on aluminum composite panel / available, inquiries

insomnia: a maniacal madness

It’s maddening lying there—wide awake—desperately aware of the darkness. Paralyzingly still or erratically racing, my mind is acutely aware that sleep is not coming anytime soon.


Whether the hours drone on, or, are broken by brief, unsettled slumber, the clock keeps time:






That’s the breaking point for me—4:40 am. Desperate thoughts rattle me; dawn is coming; too late to fall asleep; I’ll have to get up soon; I should just get up.


Insomnia is a private, hellish torture, a maniacal madness that silently creeps away with the rising sun, yet falls madly upon you when the last of it’s glow disappears into the night.


© 2017 Christine Mercer-Vernon


To Learn more about the symbolism and references in this painting, please Read This Newsletter Post where I go into detail.



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All words and images © 2004-2017 christine mercer-vernon / all rights reserved. reproduction without express written permission from the artist, strictly prohibited.

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