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48x48 inch oil on acp (aluminum composite panel) / available, inquiries

Can you say, with a resounding yes, that you are living your life without regret, doing what you love, lingering in the small moments—making memories, not taking photos?


We cannot control everything in our lives. Do not fear the fall. In fact, fall hard.




Sometimes our wishes and dreams fail. If you can remain open, you will learn something about yourself, your life, and your purpose.




View your life through the eyes of a child. Do not lose the wonder.




Nature can teach us valuable lessons, whether it’s about life, survival, or even death.


Look at the fierce hornet colony. There is one purpose—to propagate new queens to ensure the continuation of the colony. Drones working, working, working so that someone else will survive—then dying. Admirable, but eye-opening.


Time is fleeting.


What are you doing with yours?


© 2016 Christine Mercer-Vernon



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