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narrative painter | #christinemv



Every natural object has a story, from where it begins to where it ends. Life and Death. I see poetry in the stark contrast between the two. The stories withered objects, bones, and skulls long to tell—the connections between animal and human worlds—the similarities, the lessons, the inspirations.


The connections individuals have with animals, natural items, and words have always fascinated me and I can not help but see the symbolic meanings or impressions that lie in the structures we leave behind—animal, human, and in nature. There is so much inspiration around us if we are willing to open our eyes and minds to seeing it.


As a narrative painter, I strive to create visual metaphors that resonate with my own inner narrative but also connect with collectors on deeply personal levels.


Painting bones and skulls for study is no exception—If, as a human race we are connected to animals, and bones themselves contain stories, then there is an obvious poetic symmetry that I cannot help but explore visually. The skull studies that I paint give reason to pause and consider that these animals once lived, and these beautiful structures are all that remain—all that is left to tell their stories



Christine Mercer-Vernon (b. Bryn Mawr/PA, 1970) is an emerging artist, living and working in York, Pennsylvania.


She began her career as a textbook illustrator, creating artwork for elementary, high school, college and medical textbooks. Her early paintings focused on highly detailed watercolor florals.


Christine is a self-taught artist working in the realist tradition who has studied with several gifted artists and instructors, such as Jon DeMartin, Carlo Russo and Lisa Gloria.


Her love of science and nature influences her work heavily, and she continues to develop and refine her artistic voice.


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